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What Does 20 Years of Trading on the Nasdaq Mean?

11 Aug 2015 by Glynis Bryan

Technology is constantly evolving — and for a business to continue to thrive — it must evolve right alongside it. It’s not about just following trends or keeping up with the times, but about adapting and staying ahead of the curve. IT is what we live and breathe here at Insight — a desire to meet the technology needs of our clients. It is that hunger that has turned us into a global, technology solutions provider with operations in 23 countries and sales of $5.3 billion.


We are proud of where we started, what we have accomplished and where we are going. Our story began in a garage in 1988 when Tim and Eric Crown decided to take a chance as two innovators determined to build a business. Today, we are a global company shaped daily by the evolution of IT.

This year Insight celebrates 20 years of trading on the Nasdaq. On Jan. 25, 1995, our IPO opened at $10.75. Fast-forward 20 years later, and our stock closed today at $26.83.

These are the numbers, and while they are important, the reason that I am honored to be a part of the Closing Bell ceremony tomorrow is because of what those numbers represent — the commitment to our clients and partners, our core values of hunger, heart and harmony, and the work of our 5,400 teammates across the globe.

You can view our participation in the Closing Bell ceremony live at 3:45 p.m. (EST) tomorrow. And to celebrate our 20 years of trading, I hope you enjoy our flipbook below — a glimpse into technology’s past, and a reminder of what human innovation and intelligent technology can accomplish.

Click on the image to view the flipbook.