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Reach the Cloud and Keep Your Identity

3 Aug 2015 by Mike Grady

Choose from 3 service providers to do your legwork.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) everywhere are looking to cloud migration as a ticket to success. But cloud migration is a lot like success itself:

  1. You can decide to opt out of it.
  2. You can go “all in” on cloud and digest every aspect of this brave new world.
  3. You can embrace some aspects and not others.

It’s no shocker that opting out of cloud will soon park your business next to the ice wagon and the rotary phone.

But don’t fall for the idea that cloud migration requires you to become an all-knowing cloud expert. That’s great — if you’re in the cloud business. If not, an “all-in,” unassisted migration can cost you the one thing that made your business cloud-worthy in the first place: your identity.

Fill the void.

How can your business acquire cloud capability and still maintain its identity?

The answer lies in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS essentially provides the data center components of your enterprise. Your IaaS subscription service spins up the infrastructure — managing virtualization, hard drives, storage and networking — while your business creates, innovates and produces its wares on top. It’s a setup that cultivates your uniqueness rather than diluting it.

Choosing the right IaaS provider is a matter of fitting your specific business needs. The major players all have different virtues:

  • IBM’s SoftLayer offers different paths to cloud deployment, and its configuration options allow for complicated deployment architectures. SoftLayer’s Infrastructure Management System (IMS) centralizes platform services and simplifies control. Its wide range of global data centers creates a high-speed network run entirely over SoftLayer’s private network. SoftLayer also boasts an easy-to-use client portal and robust Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) — With nine years of providing IaaS, AWS has broken the services it provides into four major components: compute, storage and content delivery, databases, and networking. AWS offers its clients strong analytics capabilities, as well as the high network security and data availability that come with data center regions around the world.
  • Microsoft Azure also offers compute, storage, data and networking, as well as apps. Like AWS, it provides dense reporting and usage analytics and a global network of data centers. Being from Microsoft, Azure allows clients to put all of their subscription services under one agreement. Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach simplifies app development, testing and deployment.
  • VMware vCloud Air — Built on their vSphere public cloud platform, VMware cites strong computing power and vast storage space as prime strengths of vCloud Air. It’s also versatile, supporting more than 5,000 apps and 90 operating systems. Compatible with on-premise data centers, vCloud Air allows ISVs to migrate their virtual machines or spin up new ones in the cloud.

Gain Insight.

Discovering your cloud-based self without losing your uniqueness requires partners that know cloud migration and deployment — as well as management, analytics and the features that will make your organization faster and better. That’s where Insight comes in.

Insight’s cloud solutions include complete application architecture and development assistance, cloud operations consulting and support. Insight can be the one-stop partner on your journey to increased revenue in the cloud. Call today for more insight.