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7 Things You Need to Know About the New Insight.com

17 Jul 2015 by Insight Editor

Last week we launched the new insight.com, and we’re really excited to share with you some of the ways the new website helps you connect to intelligent technology. Here are seven things we hope you’ll go experience today.

1. Insight.com is built for the way you research and buy technology.
The new site structure is focused on your technology journey — Learn, Solve, Buy and Manage. Learn — relevant research where you can filter by industry or topic to gain knowledge. Solve showcases our expertise in developing customized solutions. Buy makes it easier to find products and services through a quick search. Manage offers tools, resources and customized experiences to save you time and money.

2. The “Learn” page is seriously cool.

All of our blogs, videos, whitepapers and thought leadership articles now live in one place — the Learn page. Learn provides helpful information for your decision-making process.

3. Content search and product search have become one.

The new insight.com search returns both content and product in the same results, allowing you to find content depending when you’re researching and when you’re ready to buy. So, if you search for a Chromebook, not only will you see the product, but you will also see related content such as articles, case studies, whitepapers, etc.

4. The partner stores are better than ever.

Our new partner stores showcase the capabilities and products offered by the technology brands you trust and link directly to our product details pages. And best of all, search is now integrated into each partner store.

5. Our product details pages got a makeover.

They are bigger, brighter and cleaner. The image gallery got a face-lift, and now includes a variety of high-resolution images that you can browse to get a good look at each product.

6. Our “About Us” page tells Insight’s story.

From when Insight was first born out of a garage all the way up to now, our “About Us” page tells the story of who Insight is and how we got to where we are today through a visually engaging design and format.

7. Insight.com is mobile friendly.

The future of the Web is mobile. Users are increasingly using their mobile devices over their desktop or laptop to conduct online searches. The new insight.com is now mobile friendly and adjusts responsively based on the device you are using.