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#NYSE & #UnitedAirlines Tweets That Make You Go Hmmm

8 Jul 2015 by Desiree Samson

From suspended stock exchange trading to grounded United flights — cybersecurity is the topic of the day.

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From the Homeland Security Department stating the trading halt and grounded United Airlines flights were not malicious, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) assuring it was not a "cyber breach" —
to conspiracy theorists or skeptics taking to Twitter —
"...due to 'technical issues.'" #NYSE http://t.co/MfqHJi9BfH · Cameron
one thing is certain — cybersecurity and cyberattacks are on everyone's minds.
This is what the #NYSE floor looks like after this morning's trading halt. Latest developments http://t.co/lz0cFi4SL8 http://t.co/cnefbrN0L9 · CNNMoney
FAA says #UnitedAirlines flying again after being grounded. @AlSeibPhoto at LAX Terminal 7 - bring patience http://t.co/UZSuKDrS94 · Marc Martin
Before trading resumed, the exchange floor looked empty, and before flights resumed, the airports were full of grounded passengers from the 4,900 impacted flights. Questions of "why" and "how" this happened are circulating. The NYSE said that it was caused by a new software rollout, which leaves IT professionals and the general public wondering why the stock exchange floor would open without the software being properly integrated, and if the words "glitch" or "coincidence" can really be used to describe what happened.
But until more detailed reports circulate, the Internet speculates.
#NYSE issue has been found. http://t.co/1kAalG16c5 · Scott McClellan
apparently this is what a hacker looks like according to every news site reporting about the #NYSE http://t.co/qpzAOouDa1 · Claire Downs
Glitches Glitches Everywhere! #NYSE #WSJ #UnitedAirlines http://t.co/W4QJvk6IL5 · Mountain Poet
#NYSE be like.. http://t.co/JSe5zthl8H · tom smith