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#HIMSS15: Patients First in IT Strategy

8 Jul 2015 by Insight Editor

This year's conference focuses on partnerships in healthcare, specifically with patients.

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This year's HIMSS conference is highlighting the changing tide from the technologies coming into healthcare, to how healthcare consumers are using technology to participate in their health.
From social media and apps to wearables and patient portals, healthcare professionals are seizing on the tremendous data and subsequent opportunities that are centered around patients and healthcare consumers.

Social Media

For healthcare providers, social media offers opportunities to share and gather preventative and responsive information.


Whether for smartphones or wearables, apps are getting a lot of attention from healthcare IT developers, thanks to the positive outcomes associated with consistent tracking. No wonder a number of Apple Watch apps were launched at HIMSS.
Apple Watch healthcare apps unveiled at #HIMSS15, med reminders made simple http://t.co/wM2jIt9PaR #ePharma http://t.co/AbgGA2fsVU · Ross Fetterolf


And the hardware that connects the social and app themes — wearables! The data being released about wearable usage is driving a lot of conversation around the opportunities available, and the possibilities that might yet be imagined with these devices.
From the practitioner level on up to major health corporations, the influence of connected technologies and social interactions between patient and provider has been a central theme at this year's conference.