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#MayPac Mayhem for Service Providers

8 Jul 2015 by Insight Editor

For some, the most interesting thing about the "fight of the century" was the drama provided by a nearly hour-long delay in the boxing match, because cable providers couldn't meet demand.

Storified by Insight · Wed, May 06 2015 17:50:46

Many of would-be viewers were frustrated by poor video quality or inability to access the fight. This turned plenty of the talk from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight itself to how the Pay-Per-View (PPV) providers handled the situation. With more than $400 million in PPV revenues for the event, many wondered how providers weren't prepared.
And while some news outlets dug into the issues for consumers -- like a projected 12-hour customer-service wait reported from some providers -- others tackled the opportunists in the delay: pirate feeds, and specifically live-streaming newcomers Periscope and Meerkat.
Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, whose social media platform recently acquired Periscope, projected the live-streaming app to be the ultimate winner in what others were calling a rather lack-luster fight.
But, in truth, the fight may have only just begun for cable providers and live-streaming apps. As of Tuesday, both Showtime and HBO have filed suit for copyright infringement. While neither Meerkat or Periscope is named in the suit, it's safe to say that cable service providers are likely to pay as much attention to their ability to scale to demand as they are to the new technologies that helped bootleggers capitalize on this situation.