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The Value of Meaningful IT Connections

1 Jul 2015 by Steve Dodenhoff

What do you need to help your business run smarter? The answer inevitably depends on the kind of business you’re in and the role you play within that organization.

Marketing needs customer relationship management (CRM) tools and marketing automation software to run smarter. Finance requires real-time analytics and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. HR needs personnel management platforms. And all of them need the peace-of-mind that these are compliant and secure solutions.

There are a great number of innovative businesses that offer these solutions. But as technology converges to help the CRM platform talk to the ERP system, increasingly, businesses need someone who can advocate for their holistic technology needs and who knows the right partners to bring solutions together to help clients run smarter.

Your IT is as unique as a fingerprint.

Making the connections between unique client needs and a myriad of partner offerings is the real value we offer. It isn’t just about understanding information technology. It’s about understanding YOUR technology environment AND your business goals. Being a purveyor of intelligent technology means that we task ourselves with being able to distill the complex — and ever expanding — universe of technology solutions and help implement the ones that have a tangible effect on the way your organization performs.

Simultaneously, in working with hundreds of technology partners, we can see the future. We are allowed a firsthand look at the direction technology publishers and manufacturers are going and where innovation is leading. That perspective helps us serve clients through rapid refresh and evolution cycles to invest in technology that meets their business goals today as well as tomorrow.

It’s no longer technology for technology’s sake.

It’s a unique lens that we look through, a bifocal, if you will. We concentrate on bringing into focus our clients’ needs and our partners’ innovations. With the competing initiatives inside of any organization that require intelligent technology solutions, it’s a perspective that’s more necessary than ever.

It’s no longer technology for technology’s sake. It’s not enough simply to understand IT. You have to get business — small business and enterprises. You have to get education, healthcare and government. You have to know consumers, students, patients and constituents. Intelligent technology does more than stand up an infrastructure, it honors the unique perspective of every organization we touch and the way they endeavor to work.

We make meaningful connections.

What do we do to help businesses run smarter? We make meaningful connections — with research and information about IT solutions, with technology innovators, implementers, managers and the tools to make the most of your technology investments. That’s why we exist.

Delivering that experience and providing intelligent technology to our clients is as much about people as it is about the technology — that’s what makes it meaningful.