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Elevate your accounting.

Companies that lack flexible business software are focusing too much time on administrative duties, and risking the chance of making costly mistakes. Plus, they’re losing out on increased visibility and notable cost savings.

Maximize your accuracy and cut the paper records. Insight will help you minimize your effort in processing, tracking and reporting financial transactions. Cloud-based accounting solutions spike worker productivity and result in near-immediate cost savings. 

What is accounting software?

It is software that maintains records of accounting transactions and streamlines their processing. Accounting software can apply to numerous financial functions, such as payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

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Gain visibility and integration.

View every financial detail in one location. Access current, precise reporting that tracks employee spending when and where it happens. Easily identify trends. Use financial insights to negotiate better rates and locate cost savings opportunities for key expenditures.

See the big picture of your organization’s finances. Tie your finance and accounting solution to other software and systems you need to run your business. Natively integrate with the top business finance software for quick mobile access to vast amounts of financial data.

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Offer higher productivity at a lower cost.

Reduce the time your employees spend on administrative duties. Automate expense and financial processing. Create expense reports, plan travel and process invoices in seconds. See an immediate return on your investment in processing accuracy and time saved.

Extend our expertise to your team.

Insight has more than a decade of cloud experience and will work with your team to integrate and deploy the best finance and accounting software for your organization.

Transform your business with Concur.

Concur's easy-to-use business travel and expense management software helps your organization save time and money and gain control. Click on the logo to learn about the benefits and to shop for this product.

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Intelligent Technology’s impact on finance

With the right technology in place, finance can function in a fast-paced world. Find out how organizations like Insight are using real-time information to help leaders make business decisions.

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Modernize your finance and accounting.

Streamline your accounting processes to gain greater clarity on your business finances, with solutions available from Insight.

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