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Business protection

Our warranty is our guarantee you’ll be better protected from unexpected, costly repairs when manufacturer warranties lapse or problems aren’t covered — ensuring a lasting return on your investments.

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Extended warranties

With extended warranties, you can prevent expensive repairs — and disruptive downtime — that can occur after your IT warranty expires. Plus, Insight consolidates and manages your plan with:

  • One plan that covers everything
  • Automatic registration
  • A dedicated warranty team
  • Financing and leasing options
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A wide range of plans

Insight warranty services cover installation service and software support agreements, accidental damage, disaster recovery, advance replacement programs and data center maintenance.

We'll search for and manage the right plan for you.

Managing warranties and service agreements is time-consuming. Our warranty team is up to speed on all of our partners’ programs. From the simple to the complex, we can help.

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Partner services

We offer warranty plans from our partners: Apple, Cisco SMARTnet, HP, IBM and more.

We also offer warranty extensions for these partners and other IT products we don't sell.

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