Nutanix: Your Enterprise Cloud Platform cover

Infographic: Nutanix: Your Enterprise Cloud Platform

13 Jun 2017

Navigate your way through this roadmap to achieve fast performance and predictable scalability for your data center. Nutanix delivers a comprehensive enterprise cloud platform businesses can trust.

This infographic details a road mapped journey of re-platforming your data center. The infographic drives through the requisite stages of re-platforming, beginning with a qualifying stage with a complimentary migration planning workshop for a risk-free move. As we move towards the initial phase the graphic points out that Nutanix can confidently run applications at any scale on the industry’s leading enterprise cloud platform.

As we continue, the infographic illustrates that the road can go through either on premises or hybrid cloud platforms, with icons demonstrating the stages of SQL Server & Oracle production database, Microsoft Exchange and SQL server and data analytics. As we reach the key benefits of re-platforming, the road map outlines that Nutanix’s platform accelerates development and testing, reduces overhead and speeds up troubleshooting.

The road map then illustrates that by choosing to partner with Nutanix, your organization will keep applications available and protected on self-healing VM with an app-centric platform, with potential customer spotlights in the gaming, food manufacturer and hospitality industries. The journey is completed with a fast performing platform with predictable scalability.

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