Infographic: NetApp HCI. Enterprise-Scale.

18 Jul 2018

Learn how NetApp® HCI, available from Insight, can help your organization build a next-generation data center with guaranteed performance, flexible scaling and automated infrastructure.

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Infographic displaying NetApp HCI Enterprise-Scale. Translated below.

Infographic text included for screen readers:

NetApp HCI. Enterprise-Scale.

Break free from the limits of today’s hyper converged solutions.

Focus on innovation that can transform you into a data-centric organization. Explore four ways below that NetApp HCI can help you build a Next Generation Data Center.

Today's data center

  • Siloed
  • Stressed Out
  • Rigid Procurement
  • Over/Under Provisioned
  • Complex Management

From Unpredictable Performance... To Guaranteed Performance

Consolidate All Your Mixed Workloads with Predictable Performance on One System

From Forklift Upgrades...

Under provisioned or over provisioned

To Flexible Scaling

Did You Know? Reduce Licensing Costs 10%–30%
Scale on Your Terms

From Bottlenecks...

+300 Steps, IT Organization Stressed and Overloaded

To Automated Infrastructure

Small Fraction of Steps, IT Organization Has More Time to Manage What’s Important

Transform and Empower IT Operations

From Data Silos...

Complexity, Silos and Barriers, Risks

To NetApp Data Fabric

Public Cloud, Multi=Cloud, Enterprise IT, Next Generation Data Center

Unleash the Power of Data to Achieve a New Competitive Advantage

  • NetApp HCI
  • Ready for Next
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Flexibility and Scale
  • Automated Infrastructure
  • NetApp Data Fabric

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