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Windows Server 2016

Unlimited Virtualization with Windows Server Datacenter

  • When you purchase Windows Server Datacenter 2012 R2 with SA you can upgrade to Windows Server 2016 when it becomes available.
  • Ensure your infrastructure is always up to date and reduce compliance and security issues.
  • Take advantage of the NEW Azure Hybrid Usage Software Assurance benefit and move your VMs to the cloud at non-windows compute pricing.
  • Optimize your server hardware by running more applications on the same server with an industry leading virtualization platform.
  • Prepare for the unexpected, with the ability to recover from system failure and get back online quickly.

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Windows Server 2016 - Coming soon

Drive rapid innovation with a modern application platform.

Rapid development and deployment, with the flexibility to use in-cloud or on-premises resources, is the new standard for applications. Windows Server 2016 gives you a true write once, deploy anywhere model application platform. Windows Server 2016 brings you features making modern the new standard for applications. Windows Server 2016 brings you features making modern applications your new standard. Windows Server Containers and Hyper -V Containers give you tools for rapid iteration and lighter weight DevOps. You’ll also find a new deployment option, Nano Server, that dramatically reduces the footprint for both applications and operating system itself. With lower servicing requirements and improved security, Nano Server forms the foundation of a modern application platform. Windows Server 2016 gives you a true write once, deploy anywhere model offering maximum application flexibility.

 Resilient compute

Windows Server 2016 will enable simplified virtualization upgrades, new installment options, and increased resilience, helping you ensure the stability of the infrastructure without limiting agility. Significant enhancements to Hyper-V include advances in failover clustering, designed to increase resilience to transient failures in storage or networking. Rolling upgrades for Hyper-V and scale-out file server clusters allow for faster adoption of new operating systems.

 Reduced-cost storage

New storage offerings in Windows Server 2016 include expanded capabilities in software-defined storage with an emphasis on resilience, reduced cost, and increased control. Storage Spaces Direct allows you to use standard servers with local storage to build highly available and scalable softwaredefined storage. Windows Server 2016 will also include Storage QoS and Storage Replica, giving you synchronous storage replication for affordable business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

 Simplified networking

Software-defined networking is a critical part of the infrastructure innovation coming in Windows Server 2016. Key elements of the new networking stack are a scalable network controller for programming policies, a new load balancer for high availability and performance and enhanced gateways for hybrid connectivity, Windows Server 2016 brings the core set of networking capabilities and SDN architecture directly from Azure to your datacenter.

 Extended security

Windows Server 2016 helps guard against today’s threats with a “zero-trust” approach to security that is rooted in the hardware. Shielded virtual machines, which enable isolation between the underlying host and virtual machines, help protect resources in shared environments. The new Windows Server role, the Host Guardian Service, helps identify trusted hosts. In addition, Just in Time administration and Just Enough Administration enable you to set limits on administrator access.

Modern Application Platform


Windows Server Containers bring the agility and density of containers to the Windows ecosystem, enabling rapid application development. Windows Server Containers offer a lightweight development option for maximum flexibility. To meet the needs of customers who want the ease of Windows Server Containers with a higher level of isolation, Hyper-V Containers offer an additional deployment option.

Nano Server

A new headless deployment option for Windows Server, Nano Server offers a dramatically reduced footprint. Ideal for modern apps, Nano Server has lower servicing requirements and increased security.

Windows Server 2016 Editions

Datacenter and Standard Editions Overview

  Datacenter Edition Standard Edition
Core functionality of Windows Server    
OSEs/Hyper-V containers* Unlimited 2
Windows Server containers Unlimited Unlimited
Nano Server    
New storage features including Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica**    
New Shielded Virtual Machines and Host Guardian Service**    
New networking stack**    
Licensing Model*** Core + CAL Core + CAL
Price+ $6,155 $882

* Windows Server Standard Edition license permits 2 OSEs (operating system environments) when all physical cores are licensed.
** Azure-inspired features for advanced software-defined datacenter scenarios.
*** See Licensing Datasheet for additional detail. Minimum license requirement: 8 cores per processor, 16 cores per server.
+ Pricing represents Open No Level (NL) ERP for 16 cores

Number of 2-core pack licenses needed

(Minimum 8 cores/proc; 16 cores/server)

  Physical cores per processor
2 4 6 8 10

Procs per server

1 8 8 8 8 8
2 8 8 8 8 10
4* 16 16 16 16 20
  Licensing costs are same as 2012 R2
  Additional licensing required
* Standard may need additional licensing

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