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A Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables you to host software services for end users.

Insight Webinar: Microsoft SPLA update

Leverage the recent changes to SPLA and manage your Microsoft business effectively.

Experience, expertise to support your SPLA strategy.

Microsoft's No. 1 reseller

As Microsoft’s No. 1 Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) reseller — and the largest globally — Insight has the experience, expertise and education to support your SPLA strategy.

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License eligible Microsoft products on a monthly basis

Dedicated support

Insight manages more than 4,000 SPLAs. Our dedicated team helps simplify SPLA management and assists with licensing user rights. Additionally, you’ll get a monthly SPLA newsletter and Web demos.

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Offer managed hosting services, dynamic data centers and productivity business applications to your customers with a Microsoft SPLA.

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