Insight Lab Integration Packages

Simplify the deployment of new device technology into your environment with Insight’s Lab Integration Services. Insight can configure a wide range of technology products - desktops, notebooks, printers, networking components and servers - to your exact specifications. Certified technicians and rigorous quality processes ensure each unit is configured to your exact specifications.


  • Power on Self-Test (POST)
  • Virus Scan (if applicable)
  • Affix client-supplied asset tag
  • Assembly of All Internal Hardware
  • QA Check


  • Power on Self-Test (POST)
  • Virus Scan (if applicable)
  • Affix client-supplied asset tag
  • Load Client Base Image
  • QA Check


  • Power on Self-Test (POST)
  • Virus Scan (if applicable)
  • Affix client-supplied asset tag
  • Assembly of All Internal Hardware (Driver Installation included)
  • Load Client Base Image or Decompress OEM OS
  • QA Check

Why buy a new Lenovo Windows 10 Pro device?

Choose the best of the best. When you accelerate a PC refresh you are getting extra hardware-enabled security features,
giving you the most secure Windows platform yet.

Powerful, modern devices

Windows 10 devices allow new ways to create, learn, collaborate, and visualize. Get the best of Windows 10 using the newest and most versatile devices, from 2-in-1s, to devices that hang on the wall, to new holographic interfaces.

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More about Lenovo Warranties

Whether it’s a simple coffee spill or a major system failure, the consequences can vary significantly within each organization and within each industry. The key is ensure that the potential fallout from any downtime – including productivity, profit, and reputation – is minimal.

Lenovo Warranty & Protection offers a full range of award-winning, flexible services, including:

Warranty Services:

  • Premier Support
  • Depot Service: Covers parts, labor, and delivery to/from a repair center
  • Onsite Service: Covers parts, labor, and technician visits
  • Warranty Extension: Fixed-term, fixed-cost service - for up to five years (depending on the product)
  • International Warranty Service: Covers critical warranty repairs when traveling overseas
  • Sealed Battery Warranty Service: Covers ThinkPad battery replacements and onsite/depot installation
  • Tech Installation Service: Covers onsite installation of replacement parts

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Protection Services:

  • Accidental Damage Protection: Goes beyond standard warranty to cover damage due to unintentional spills, bumps, electrical surges, and other accidents
  • Keep your Drive: In the unlikely event of system failure, you can retain your Lenovo hard drive and business data

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Is Lenovo right for you?

Surround yourself with the tools you need to succeed in business from Insight and Lenovo.

Terms and Conditions

*Offer can only be redeemed once per client during the promotional period. Offer will run while supplies last.
A minimum of 5 W10 devices must be purchased to redeem this offer.
Device purchase must be made within the promotional period to redeem this offer.