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Strong security, streamlined management

Only Kaspersky provides a complete, fully-integrated platform that gives you the world's best anti-malware protection and robust endpoint control tools, plus systems management, encryption, and Mobile Device Management—all managed from a single console. It's more than a collection of strung-together solutions. It's a unified platform that makes it easy for you to spot risk across all your systems and endpoints, apply your policies consistently, and bring your security posture in line with your business goals.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

All managed from a single console. Only Kaspersky provides a complete, fully integrated platform that combines the world’s best Anti-malware protection, robust Application, Device and Web controls tools, plus Systems and Patch Management, Data Encryption and MDM (Mobile Device Management)


  • Anti-malware for Windows, Linux & Mac desktops
  • Single management console gives centralized control


  • Award-winning, multi-later Anti-malware
  • Endpoint Controls – Application, Device & Web
  • Mobile Security & Mobile Device Management


  • Anti-malware, Endpoint Controls and Data Encryption
  • Patch Management, plus IT Management &nd Efficiency Tools
  • Mobile Security – Mobile Device Management
  • Single integrated console for all functions

Total Protection

  • Our ultimate Business Security Solution anti-malware, Endpoint Controls & Data Encryption, Mobile Security & MDM
  • Patch Management & Automatic Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security for Email, Gateway & Collaboration
  • Single integrated console for all functions

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Compare Kaspersky endpoint security solutions for business

Core Select Advanced Total Protection
Unified Management Console        
Anti-Malware for Workstations        
Anti-Malware for File Servers        
Security for Mobile        
Mobile Device Management        
Controls (App, Device & Web)        
Systems Management        
Security for Mail        
Security for Internet Gateways        
Security for Collaboration        

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

  • Protect Servers, Desktops, & Data Centers
  • Agentless Anti-malware Solutions
  • Improved System Utilization
  • Simplified Deployment & Management
  • Manage Virtual, Physical and Mobile from a Single tightly integrated Management Console

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Kaspersky Mobile Security Solution

  • Manage multiple platforms and devices from the same console
  • Guard against known and unknown threats
  • Integrate with all leading mobile device management platforms
  • Enable remote ‘Over the Air’ (OTA) deployment and control
  • Separate your business and personal data on the same device

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