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Break through location barriers and travel holdups with GoToMeeting® online collaboration tools, available from Insight.

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Make meetings personal again.

With GoToMeeting, every user receives a personal meeting room with a custom URL. Consider it your new base of operations. There, you can have unlimited meetings using the simplest interface. See how clear and easy communication spikes your productivity.

Imagine a worry-free path to the cloud.

Insight’s direct relationships with premium partners, combined with our global capabilities, help us deliver a complete cloud solution for your organization.

Team discusses cloud solution offerings

Vetted solutions

We extensively evaluate every technology provider and product, and only offer vetted, best-in-class cloud solutions.

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Deep cloud expertise

Don’t navigate the cloud alone. We have the expertise to help you find, evaluate and select the right cloud solutions.

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Extensive experience

With in-depth knowledge of the cloud, Insight’s teams have extensive experience migrating and managing cloud seats.

Get more done.

Work faster and more efficiently. Citrix® GoToMeeting is there when you need it with unlimited meetings and clear communication.

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Cut travel costs.

Meet as often as you like without a plane ticket or a drop of gas, and without running up your budget.

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Boost sales.

Spend less time traveling and more time working with clients in your virtual meeting environment.

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Build relationships.

HD video, clear audio and a shared screen give you great quality for your face-to-face virtual meetings.

GoToMeeting 101

Learn about the most common use cases and get insider tips and tricks for using GoToMeeting in this video presentation from Citrix.

GoToMeeting 101: The Basics

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