Infographic:Document Drain: How Back-Office Processes Are Shredding Productivity

15 Aug 2017
Adobe Document Drain Infographic

Document Drain — How Back-Office Processes are Shredding Productivity

Inefficient office administration is dragging business down. Adobe surveyed 7,000 employees in France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and the Nordics, to shed light on the drain of poor document processes — revealing that there is indeed a better way.

European Companies paying the Price for Poor Processes

  • Half of respondents (48%) have lost a contract due to office admin going wrong.
  • One-third of office tasks take longer than expected to complete.
  • Ninety six percent of employees say printing and emailing documents are the most time consuming admin.
  • One-third of employees in Europe have been forced to cancel a project entirely due to office procedures.

Basic Admin is Draining Employees

  • European employees spend almost one working day (6.8 hours) a week on office admin.
  • 60 percent of employees think office admin is overly complex.
  • The most complex tasks are:
    • Raising POs (69%)
    • Invoicing (65%)
    • On-boarding (62%)
    • Signatures (61%)

There’s a Better Way to Move Business Forward

  • Nearly half (46%) of employees blame inefficient technology for office admin issues.
  • 79% of Europeans indicated lost documents were to blame for slow work.
  • Three-fourths of European employees believe e-signature are key to fixing the burden of office admin
  • Mobile apps are likely to solve admin problems for employees in:
    • France (49%)
    • UK (45%)
    • Germany (44%)

Freedom, Not Frustration

  • 64% of European employees work late to keep up with their office admin.
  • Nearly half (49%) work on weekends due to office processes.
  • 32% of employees would love to spend more time with family.
  • 45% of employees would like to spend more time with their partners if office tasks did not get in the way.

Regional highlights:

  • 42% of UK employees are more likely to work on side projects.
  • 44% of French employees would prefer to get away and exercise.
  • 40% of German employee would use extra time for socializing.
  • 55% of Nordic and 52% of Dutch employees would rather spend time with their partner.
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