Manage, track and optimize critical resources.

With access to our IT management tools, you can easily scan your products and licenses across multiple work sites to optimize your spending for cloud applications and software, manage your hardware lifecycle, proactively monitor renewals for maintenance contracts and report on your most critical assets.

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Cloud management made easy

Insight’s Cloud Management Platform is an easy-to-use organizational tool to procure, provision and manage cloud solutions. Get automated cloud monitoring, analytics and instant access to technology, giving you the power to improve productivity to your end users. Features include:

  • Popular Microsoft® products
  • Self-service shopping for easy selection
  • On-demand deployment
  • Flexible billing to control spend

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A better way to manage your software assets

Get the most visibility into your software lifecycle with a seamless and simple experience using our Software Asset Management (SAM) tools.

The Enterprise License Dashboard and Enterprise License Manager will enable you to quickly identify line-item information on your licenses and installations to optimize spending. Features include:

  • Immediate access to software
  • Detailed reports and dashboards
  • Global visibility
  • View of license availability & reuse

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View and manage contracts and warranties.

Our Renewals & Warranty Manager pulls information directly from Cisco Smart Net Total Care, allowing you to track all of your assets across the globe where and when needed.

Improve your return on investment and manage your renewals more intelligently. With the Renewals & Warranty Manager, you can:

  • Add, manage and submit change requests.
  • Add existing contracts outside of Insight.
  • Add custom labels to each contract or device.

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