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By 2019, storage products will include 80% of cloud storage gateway functionality.

The past 2 years have brought consolidation in the cloud storage gateway market.

Cloud storage gateways can deliver value in extending unstructured data to the cloud.

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Information and operations leaders who are currently evaluating the market for cloud storage gateways will benefit from this report.

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Gartner’s report focuses on comparing cloud storage gateways, categorized by vendor, as well as which cloud providers support which products. You’ll learn if cloud storage gateways make sense for your organization and, if so, which products would work best for your needs.

Topics include:

  • The market landscape
  • Product features and use cases
  • Recommendations

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For more than 35 years, Gartner has been the leader in information technology research and advice. Gartner analysts provide actionable insight that business leaders rely on to make important decisions.

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Gain a solid understanding of the best use cases for cloud storage gateways, and see how Azure helps achieve your business goals.

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