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Episode 4Olive Garden Salad & Breadsticks — Or, the Same Experience Everywhere

20 Jul 2016 by Technomics

Nothing’s more comfortable than the familiar. Consistency is key when it comes to brand loyalty and truly building a relationship with the customer that goes beyond the checkout and into the purchasing cycle.

Spend some time with BlueMetal’s Brian Short and Dan Casey to learn how branding, design and user experience have impacted IT, from app development and beyond.

Headshot of Dan Casey

Dan Casey

As BlueMetal’s creative director of strategy and design, Dan leads the practice and oversees the delivery and quality of work done by his team of digital strategists and user experience and visual designers.

Headshot of Brian Short

Brian Short

Brian, a programmer and development manager, is currently a practice director at BlueMetal, where he leads the open-source and Java practice. He is also very involved in the local open-source community.