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Episode 3Oh, There Better Be an App for That

20 Jul 2016 by Technomics

Join guests Bob Familiar and Bob German, of BlueMetal, as they share what you can do to ensure your killer mobile app leads to maximum revenue. Spoiler alert: Your causation better be linked to a return-on-investment correlation or you’re heading down a well-traveled path to wasted effort.

Headshot of Bob Familiar

Bob Familiar

Bob is a passionate software architect and people manager with more than 29 years of experience architecting and developing scalable distributed systems. He is currently BlueMetal’s director of national practice.

Headshot of Bob German

Bob German

Bob is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in architecting and building Microsoft® SharePoint® solutions. He’s currently BlueMetal’s principal architect of content and collaboration and a 16-year veteran of Microsoft.