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Demystifying Software with Cisco cover

WebinarDemystifying Cisco Software Licensing

16 Mar 2018

The number of methods to purchase software has created new complexities for modern IT organizations, increasing the time and resources needed to procure and deploy a solution. This often negatively affects productivity, and ultimately, the bottom line.

In this webinar, learn how Cisco's shift to a software-centric model is giving enterprises new ways to streamline procurement, gain flexibility when deploying solutions and realize value through untraditional purchasing methods.

Other topics include:

  • Additional ways that Cisco’s shift to software affects your business
  • How Insight helps further reduce friction through assessments, design, planning and more
  • Benefits of Cisco® Enterprise (EA), an innovative licensing solution
  • Top differentiators of Cisco EA

Meet the speaker

Tessa Liu-Man-Hin
Partner Software Specialist, Cisco Systems

Tessa has 13 years of experience at Cisco, in both commercial and partner sales. For the past year, her focus has been on helping customers and partners get the most out of their investments through flexible software buying models.