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Parents Will Have Ed Tech Questions — You Need the Answers

24 Jun 2015 by Desiree Samson

Here are just some of the questions and answers to help inform your conversations.

  1. Why is education technology on the rise?

Technology is intertwined with college and career readiness. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 62% of working Americans use technology in their jobs.  

  1. How can a school afford new technology?

The way that each school chooses to allocate funds varies, but the E-rate is helping a lot of schools across the nation fund Internet access. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is working to expand Wi-Fi to more than 10 million students in 2015.

  1. Why do schools with Internet still need Internet funding?

While most schools do have Internet access, a lot of them do not have enough broadband to support their education technology efforts. Think about traffic on a freeway bottlenecking.

  1. Why is coding important?

Coding isn’t about making students programmers. It is about getting them interested in STEM education. It is projected that by 2018 the U.S. could be short 3 million high-skilled workers.

  1. Isn’t gamification just playing video games?

Education games — like Carmen Sandiego and The Oregon Trail — have been around since the ‘80s. Gamification takes elements of gaming and uses them for educational purposes.

  1. Why is the Department of Education pushing education technology?

The U.S. currently ranks number 14 out of 39 developed countries, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan outlined that leveraging technology will help us regain our leadership and ability to compete in a global economy.

  1. Why are schools moving toward online testing?

Assessments that align with the Common Core State Standards adopted by 46 states are online, and the new GED is a computerized format.

  1. How is my student’s data being protected?

The White House’s Student Digital Act is new legislation created to ensure that student data is used only for education purposes. Companies in the private sector involved in education technology have committed to protecting this data from misuse.

  1. How is digital curriculum selected?

Teachers will often use education apps for a portion of a lesson, but for more robust curriculum, a company has to submit an RFP to a district; proving that their curriculum meets the needs and standards of that district.

  1. What exactly is blended learning?

Education technology is not meant to replace the teacher. Blended learning is leveraging technology so a teacher can do what they do best — teach. Each school, and even classroom, can choose from a myriad of instructional models that work best for their students.

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