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Best Practices for Building Your Service Provider Business

23 Jun 2015 by Shay Moser

By the end of 2015, market consolidation will displace up to 25% of the top 100 IT services providers. According to Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. Despite the grim reality of current market dynamics, some service providers are not merely surviving but positively prospering. Today, 11 out of the top 25 fastest-growing technology companies are service providers. What are they doing differently? How are they managing change? How are they evolving to capitalize on opportunities? Learn three key ways to improve your chances, including how to create strong differentiation, optimize company culture and position for growth from our partner Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP shares how they tackle this trio of service provider challenges in the webinar, Adapting and surviving as a service provider.

Plus, get an in-depth look at the key trends driving the changes in the service provider market. Join us, and our partner APC by Schneider Electric and its data center service provider team. You will hear from two industry experts about their experiences: Mark Hurley, solutions architect with Schneider Electric and John Shelputic, president of Infomart. Sheputis will talk about how to lower your risk profile in the data center and remain “best in class.” Plus, Schneider Electric has partnered with Peter Hopper, CEO and co-founder of DH Capital, to provide a free business consultation to a few select companies. If you’re truly interested in growing your service provider business, you’ll find out how to enter for the free business consultation during the webinar.

Cisco is also empowering service providers to grow faster and be more flexible with Cisco Unified Computing Systems. Join Cisco and us on the webinar, Data Center Trends & UCS. You’ll learn how to earn more, spend less and adapt quickly with Cisco UCS and Cisco Cloud Solutions.

Don’t wait to register for these three webinars to ensure your business stays on the fast track to success.