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Business-Friendly Features of Touch-Enabled Tablets

1 Jun 2015 by Shay Moser

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Today’s touch-enabled tablets aren’t just “ready for business” — they’ve become indispensable business partners.

Tablets are highly versatile and valuable business tools. The latest generation of business tablets with Intel Inside® are built for security and manageability. Watch this whiteboard presentation to see the endless uses of tablets in business.

Business tablets at work

Tablets are prevalent in every line of business — as mobile point-of-sale devices that free retailers to serve customers; as clinician’s tools for collecting patient healthcare data; in the hands of technicians on manufacturing floors; and countless more real-world scenarios.

So what is it about tablets that makes them so business-friendly?

It starts with portability: The big advantage of a business tablet is the fact it’s a tablet: sleek, lightweight, effortless to hold. This means your sales tools are with you at all times, ready to deliver thrilling presentations with HD graphics.

Touch ‘n go: Touch-screen tablets for business are a boon to mobile users who need to input information on the fly. Many businesses report productivity gains using tablets for tasks such as filling out forms.

Instant connectivity: Need to retrieve a document from your office server during a sales call? Your business tablet can grab it online instantly.

Business-class security: Intel-powered tablets feature hardware-enhanced, full-disk encryption, safeguard systems with Intel® Platform Trust Technology and help resist malware, rootkit attacks and other threats.

Choosing the best tablet for your business

Tablets have evolved beyond a way to play games, to now transforming the way business is done. Learn more about evaluating tablets for business and then refer to this tablet content library to help make your selection.

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