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How Government Agencies Simplify Tech

26 May 2015 by Shay Moser

From budget pressures that demand cutting costs and negotiating prices, to staff limitations that hinder the ability to maintain service levels and properly research purchases, state and local government agencies face difficult challenges in delivering on their missions to the public. Despite all this – cities must keep going.

Take for example the City of Avondale in Arizona. Almost all of its functions — public works, utilities, finance, human resources, city engineering and public safety — depend on IT. As officials from Avondale looked at the city’s aging data storage system, they had to consider what could happen if they didn’t address it.

“Our electrical system was being tapped at 96% – 98% of available power, and we needed to respond to new needs,” said Rob Lloyd, City of Avondale CIO. “In [city] government, you must design things for a five-to 10-year horizon, but conservatively enough to make it practical on the budgeting side.”

Besides an aging data storage system and power consumption issues, the city needed to upgrade servers to increase performance, scalability and back-up. Adding to the challenge, the city had a complicated array of different Storage Area Network (SAN) systems and technical issues in some of those SANs, which increasingly degraded performance with use.

“We’re usually solving a myriad of problems, because organizations are facing multiple business challenges,” said Tony Monroe, Insight sales specialist. “They want to refresh what they have, they want to embrace emerging technologies; at the same time, they need to drive down capital or operating expenditures and have better business agility to support their work in the field.”

That’s why Monroe suggested NetApp’s FlexPod Data Center solution. It was compatible with the city’s core IT systems, while also streamlining computer storage and network environments. The solution eliminated the need for certain SAN solutions, saving the City of Avondale nearly $30,000 a year in maintenance fees, decreasing their used storage space by 40% and cutting their overall power draw in half.

Learn more about how the City of Avondale solved its IT needs and how Insight Public Sector, in partnership with U.S. Communities, works to simplify the procurement, implementation and management of the technology needs of public and non-profit agencies.

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