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Humana CEO HIMSS Keynote: A Healthy Link Between Value and Interoperability

16 Apr 2015 by Robyn Itule

Linking interoperability and value-based reimbursement can demonstrate achievements in population health through increased wellness and positive impact to the bottom line across the healthcare system. That’s the premise that Humana CEO Bruce Broussard presented in his keynote address at HIMSS.

“The healthcare system was built for episodic care, not chronic,” said Broussard, noting that this is where the systemic issues in healthcare begin. With 46 million Americans requiring management for chronic conditions, Broussard believes that the mindset must change in order to alter this number.

He himself is directly impacted by one trend that is helping to lead this shift — wearables. Broussard noted that upon arriving in Chicago, he realized he’d forgotten a charger for his wearable fitness tracker and joked that he felt naked knowing he wasn’t collecting that valuable data.

That relatable anecdote led Broussard to hone in on patient data and how it’s impacting the healthcare landscape. “Better data. Better analytics. Better actions,” he said.

Data, analytics and actions are the trio that Broussard posits will lead healthcare professionals to treat patients as a well-informed team. “Having an impact on the individual can mean having an impact on cost,” said Broussard.

With one trillion dollars wasted — $200 million on administrative costs and $250 in overtreatment — according to Broussard, there’s a lot of opportunity to use data to make smarter decisions and limit the amount of wasted funds.

The case that Broussard and Humana make is that technical integration and information sharing lead directly to better decision-making. When patients have more data about their wellness, they are more likely to persist in healthy habits — or, as Walgreens President Gourlay pointed out, improved adherence. For healthcare professionals, the data that leads to better decisions also directly impacts the patient by improving their experiences.

For Broussard and Humana, the essential innovation that needs to happen in healthcare is a change in conversation; moving from a philosophy of supply-based health services to demand-based offerings. This shift in thinking is deeply patient-centric. And understanding their needs (whether patients are aware of what those are or not) require systems and people who will dig into the numbers and dedicate themselves to turning those analytics into the care that produces improved health.

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