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Building and Deploying a Private Cloud Infrastructure

9 Apr 2015 by Casey Edwards

This article is sponsored by Intel, one of our partners, and they provide Insight with content to share with our audience.

Managers of aging IT infrastructures get the message: their job will never get easier — not without migrating to a fundamentally different vision for the data center. These managers face formidable challenges, as demonstrated in this infographic.

4 Advantages of Private Cloud-Computing Environments

Private cloud computing — a single-tenant computing environment built on an automated and virtualized infrastructure — is growing and evolving every day. More and more organizations are moving to private clouds because they deliver:

  1. Increased agility. Providing the ability to provision a server in hours, not weeks.
  2. Greater efficiency. The cost advantages of consolidating servers by a factor of 20:1 for a drastically smaller data center footprint.
  3. Business intelligence. Helping measure exactly what capacity is being used, and when.
  4. Enabling them to scale resources according to user demand.

3 Ways IT Managers can Deploy a Private Cloud

  1. Use servers based on the new Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family. This processor offers up to three times greater performance compared to its earlier generations and provides the foundation of a private, cloud-based solution.
  2. Turn to Intel® Cloud Builders and its reference architecture library. These resources provide a range of proven, private cloud-building recipes, each one based on real-world IT requirements, to build or streamline private clouds, enhance security and improve efficiency.
  3. Listen to this podcast. It details the business case for migrating to a private cloud. As the number of connected users and devices continues to grow, private cloud computing based on the Intel Xeon processor E5 v3 will deliver the responsiveness, elastic scaling, and overall performance and security to keep everyone (and everything) connected and productive.

Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be. Contact us today to find out how we can help you build and deploy a private cloud infrastructure.