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Judy Schaefer Celebrates 25 Years at Insight This Week

19 Mar 2015 by Casey Edwards

Judy SchaeferLet us first start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS to Judy Schaefer, Insight’s wonderful receptionist, who is celebrating 25 years with the company this week!

When Insight first started, and moved into its first office building, there was not a permanent receptionist position. Various family members and staff had taken over the duties when needed, but as the company grew, it became time to establish a full-time receptionist position.

Judy Schaefer had just moved to Arizona from Michigan when she saw an ad in the paper for the “Star Receptionist” position at Insight. She hadn’t planned on applying for a job right after the move, but she thought “why not?” and responded to the receptionist ad. Judy knew nothing about the city, but managed to navigate her way to Insight to fill out an application. She saw the ad on a Monday, returned the application on Tuesday, got a call for an interview on Wednesday, had her interview on Thursday, and was hired on Friday – what a week!

People often ask Judy how or why she has stayed in the receptionist position for so long. “Well, you meet a lot of people and you make a lot of friends throughout the business,” she explained. During her time at Insight, Judy was considered for an executive admin position, but she ultimately decided to stay in her position as a receptionist, doing what she loves. “It’s easy to stay because you become comfortable and you know what you’re doing,” Judy recalls, feeling that co-owners Tim and Eric Crown were very happy she was there. They never asked her to change, and she’s always appreciated that.

larger_Ken Congrats Judy

Ken Lamneck, Chief Executive Officer

Some of Judy’s favorite memories at Insight include when the company first went public and when Insight took over the branding for the NCAA Insight Bowl. She remembers it being a great time to work for the company because everyone was so excited and it was a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Even during hard times, Insight has always been there for her. After Judy’s husband passed away, she was immediately taken care of and was able to alter her schedule so that she could get home in time to take care of her mother. “I cannot tell you how grand it is to work for people who are so great and understanding,” Judy said.

Judy considers Insight to be a home away from home. “The comradery here is awesome, and when people leave, that’s the first thing that they say: ‘I’m going to miss everyone that I worked with.’”

larger_Steve Congrats Judy

Steve Dodenhoff, President

Being at the front desk, Judy gets to see almost everyone who walks through the door, and when people return to work at Insight after leaving for a few years, they are very happy to see her, which she loves. “That’s what’s nice about working up front. You remember all the people who have gone and all those who have come back.”

Judy believes Insight is an excellent place to work, and plans to retire here. “I’m very happy with what I’m doing and I’m very happy with being able to help Insight and to help everyone that walks through that door.”

If you find yourself at Insight, don’t forget to congratulate her on her 25-year anniversary!