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Windows Server 2003 EOS: Optimize the New Environment

17 Mar 2015 by Shay Moser

Would you step away from a complex project and hope it runs smoothly? That’s the question you should ask as you upgrade from Windows Server 2003 end of service (EOS).

As you know, Microsoft will end its support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. That means no more patches to fix security vulnerabilities or newly discovered defects in the code after the deadline.

This is the last post in a five-part series on the top five pitfalls businesses should avoid in operating system migration.

Pitfall No. 5: Failing to optimize the new environment

A migration should be accompanied by a robust management strategy to help reduce administrator burden. However, some businesses migrating from Windows Server 2003 have not done so.

Businesses need to:

  • Plan how they will monitor the health of their environment
  • Ensure the new environment is secure and compliant

The migration process will be much easier and less of a drain if you establish a management strategy outlining what will happen so that potential obstacles are eliminated. In addition to minimizing the strain of the process, the management plan will detail and outline how the business’ IT department will ensure the network infrastructure is protected and compliant.

In order for the new environment to be effective, it is crucial that the plan is put to use and seen through until it becomes routine. Even though it may take time to make it a habit, it will be immensely beneficial to your business and employees in the long run.

The first four pitfalls to avoid in operating system migration:

  1. Insufficient planning and assessment
  2. Failure to understand user and organizational impact
  3. Inconsistent or absent coexistence between old and new servers
  4. Inadequate data protection

For more information on how to address the end of service, visit www.insight.com/ServerIgnite or call 800-INSIGHT.

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