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Education Technology Takes Center Stage

12 Mar 2015 by Desiree Samson

Technology is transforming education every day – but particularly this week. SXSWedu kicked off Tuesday in Austin, Texas and tomorrow Digital Learning Day takes center stage. These events revolve around innovation in education and the power of the collective, and collaborative, whole. Stakeholders in education – from educators to technology companies – are having conversations around startups, policy, infrastructure and classrooms in the 21st century. Here are three ways to participate:

Watch “Digital Learning Day Live!”

This year, “Digital Learning Day Live!” will be at the Washington DC Convention Center, but more than 40,000 viewers will watch the live webcast. Tomorrow from 1–2:15 p.m. (EDT) you can hear discussions on “how great teaching, combined with effective technology, can positively impact America’s schools —particularly those that serve high-risk and high-poverty populations.”

Engage in the conversation.

SXSWedu, Digital Learning Day or any of the daily education chats provide the opportunity to weigh in on the commentary, share points that resonate with you and learn about developments in education. You can follow @SXSWedu on Twitter for live updates of today’s events or lookup keynote speakers and session highlights from earlier this week. Here are some #DLDay Tweets to recap last year, but you can also search for “#DLDay” to participate now.

Let your voice be heard with the 99in5 campaign.

This campaign is focused on providing at least 99% of students with high-speed Internet over the next five years. The FCC has made changes to modernize the federal E-rate program – allocating $2 billion in funding and working to connect 10 million students to Wi-Fi. Permanently increasing funding for broadband in schools remains a topic of discussion, and the FCC wants to hear from the public. Let policymakers and legislators hear your voice.

The conversation is shifting – it’s no longer about the transformative possibility of education technology, but about implementation. Education can transform lives, and in turn communities, and that makes us all investors in the future of education. Technology solutions are improving student outcomes, and it’s not too late to tune into the events happening at SXSWedu or decide to participate in Digital Learning Day.

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