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3 Technologies that Improve Patient Satisfaction

23 Jan 2015 by Shay Moser

We’ve all been patients in the waiting room anticipating the nurse who brings us to the exam room. Or we have been the one lingering in the lobby for a friend or loved one that’s seeing the doctor. We have gotten lost trying to navigate through a big healthcare facility. And it’s no fun filling out forms in the waiting room.

These circumstances can test our patience, especially if we’re worried about our health or a loved one’s. However, healthcare organizations are turning these often difficult circumstances into a more engaging and helpful experience through technology.

It’s always nice when there’s a TV airing a how-to show in the reception area. But our experiences as patients are also being shaped by interactions with technology. For instance, hospitals are working to provide:

  1. Digital signage that shows relevant news, health information, updates about the healthcare location or its programs, and specialized information, such as a case study video about the healthcare organization’s latest medical equipment.
  2. Registration kiosks to speed the check-in process, collect copays, and more.
  3. Patient portals accessible from home for accessing our health records, e-messaging doctors, viewing test results, requesting appointments, viewing billing statements and medications, looking up immunization history, receiving preventive care reminders, and updating contact information.

With this more holistic approach, patients and their families can interact and find comfort during their visit — from the moment they walk in the hospital’s doors to the moment they leave—which positively impacts patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.

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