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Government Agency Issues Warning on Windows Server 2003 End of Support

12 Nov 2014 by Insight Editor

This week, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, part of the Department of Homeland Security,  issued an alert about Microsoft’s end of support for the Windows Server 2003 Operating System. The alert outlines the potential impact of the end of support, which includes: elevated cybersecurity risks, malicious attacks and loss of sensitive data; software and hardware compatibility issues; and regulatory non-compliance.

Migration Options

With the government issuing a clear warning about the potential threats, most will be motivated to begin planning their transition well ahead of the July 15, 2015, deadline. There are a variety of options to address this issue ranging from paying Microsoft to provide additional support, migrating—in part or in whole—to Cloud solutions or upgrading hardware.

Taking Stock

The first most important step in initiating a transition away from Windows Server 2003 is a detailed inventory. Insight is advising clients to begin by looking at their environments and answering the following questions:

  1. How many Windows Server 2003 servers exist in my environment(s)?
  2. Physically, where are those servers located (centrally, remote)?
  3. What applications are running on these servers? (Does the software require updates to run optimally on new hardware or in the Cloud?)
  4. Which users are accessing these applications?


Microsoft, along with the media and IT solution providers, are developing extensive content around the issue to help businesses and organizations to prepare for this event.

If you need help—whether it’s assessing your inventory and planning your next steps or implementing and nurturing your organization’s technology future long-term—Insight can help you address next steps.