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Selecting and Outsourcing the Right Microsoft Services

7 Apr 2016 by Shay Moser

Offering the next generation of IT productivity tools, Microsoft hardware, software and cloud offerings are a popular choice for small businesses and enterprise companies alike. If you’re looking for any of the following benefits, consider these popular solutions:

Flexible, bundled solutions that address all your needs

Imagine a subscription that helps you move business-critical workloads to the cloud without worry, allowing you to focus on growing your business. With Modern Workforce Solutions by Insight, we’ll get Microsoft Office 365 up and running for you, as well as handle ongoing support. With a variety of bundles available, this offering is suitable for midmarket businesses and enterprise companies alike.

Providing the right devices, hardware, cloud applications and IT services, we offer Office 365 packages that are plug-and-play ready and supported by Insight around the clock. These bundles can also include migration and administration support. Offering even more flexibility, you can also raise or lower licenses at any time, and track expenses with a single, all-inclusive bill.

Acquiring software with affordable volume licensing
IT leaders are looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency in running software within large organizations. If you have more than 250 users or devices, your company will get the most value out of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). Tailored to your needs, volume-licensing programs also streamline deployment and offer a variety of payment options. You don’t need to tackle your EA strategy alone — we take an industry-recognized approach to Microsoft EA management.

Access to powerful devices that offer maximum mobility

Employees want the portability of a tablet, but the processing capabilities of a laptop.Microsoft Surface, available from Insight, offers the best of both devices. Running Windows 10, you can use thousands of applications on this tool. Additionally, every Surface is powered by an Intel Core processor, providing enterprise-grade security.

As the first global-authorized Surface reseller, Insight sells and ships Surface devices to 44 countries. We also offer global discount rates, allowing you to maximize your IT budget. You can leave device preparation in our capable hands, too — our integration labs process more than 2,000 systems a day.

Improving infrastructure with better hardware

Through our long-standing partnership with Microsoft, we have experience delivering global-scale cloud services. Enhance your IT environment with Windows Server 2012 R2 and gain enterprise-class performance. This offering also provides application-focused design, simplified deployment and a user-centric interface.

As one of Microsoft’s leading global partners, Insight offers unmatched expertise in delivering and deploying Microsoft hardware, software and cloud solutions. Leveraging our long-standing partnership, we’ll also help you with everything from consulting and implementation to enterprise agreements and software life-cycle management.

“When transitioning to a managed services delivery model, change management planning is critical to success. Sourcing managers should establish ‘go/no-go’ criteria, including well-defined roles for the retained organization, and get stakeholder sign-off prior to initiating the transition,” Gartner recommends in its September 2015 report, “Investing in Transition Planning Will Maximize Success for Managed Services Outsourcing.”

“Gartner’s research reveals that in 90% of enterprise buyer scenarios, time and resources in the weeks and months prior to the outsourcing deal start date are consumed with two key efforts. The first is the evaluation and selection of the service provider (including long lists, shortlists, RFPs, reference checking and vendor scoring). The second effort is the pricing and contract negotiations. By far, the most overlooked and underserved effort is change management planning. Gartner analysts estimate that this is the single largest cause of failed outsourcing projects and poor user experience, resulting in misperceptions of the sourcing organization's capability to manage outsourcing deals.”

Download Gartner’s report, “Investing in Transition Planning Will Maximize Success for Managed Services Outsourcing,” to ensure change management planning effectively guides the transition from in-house to outsourced.