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Microsoft’s Head Start on the Latest Mobile Trends

7 Apr 2016 by Jessica Hall

In the forward-thinking words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft: “I want to be able to be present on every mobile endpoint. That's a very explicit core goal.” Nadella isn’t just talking about having their applications, such as Skype and Outlook, installed on devices, but “to be in every device” with offerings like Office 365, Microsoft accounts and more.

As he told ZDNet, Nadella is looking at the company’s goal of being on every mobile endpoint as “a platform play,” seeking to create Microsoft experiences as opposed to “just application endpoints.” He compared how there’s one cloud behind applications like Skype, Outlook, Wunderlist and Sunrise.

Microsoft is preemptively addressing the latest trends in mobile and wireless devices to mitigate current and future IT issues — and your company can, too.

Think of operating systems on a grander scale.

Instead of creating an operating system for a phone and another for a desktop, Microsoft is looking at developing a common operating system for all devices. “So we want to be in every device, not only have our application endpoints on every device. I want the identity management…” Nadella continued in his ZDNet interview.

“As mobility moves into its maturity phase, its impact becomes less self-contained under the banner of mobility, and instead spreads across the computing infrastructure,” according to Gartner’s October 2015 report, “Predicts 2016: Mobile and Wireless,” in which security, manageability and productivity are the key themes. Page 2

The research firm further states, “Together, our predictions support the concept that mobility is becoming more invisible as it pushes its challenges into every traditional area of IT, forcing those areas to become more robust. It is important that IT continually use mobility as the ultimate test of the viability and completeness of all strategies that become part of any IT or vendor's overall plans.”

Determine how to manage and secure devices.

Microsoft has set a goal to extend identity management to mobile devices. “…It's not MSA [Microsoft accounts] alone, it's Azure Active Directory. It is managing those devices, securing those devices in terms of data protection. These are all core capabilities that we have,” Nadella said in the ZDNet interview.

Download Gartner’s report, “Predicts 2016: Mobile and Wireless,” to explore how your company can address this new digital landscape, mobile and wireless devices’ effects on productivity, and the latest privacy and security threats.