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Product Updates High Level

13 Oct 2016

Windows 10

  • Enterprise E3 – Formerly Windows 10 Enterprise (per user and device)
  • Enterprise E5 – New! Windows Enterprise E3 + Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – possible to Step Up from E3!

Azure Active Directory Premium

  • P1 - Formerly Azure Active Directory Premium
  • P2 – New! Azure AD Premium P1 + new Identity Protection and Privileged Identity mgmt. capabilities

Azure Information Protection Premium

  • P1 - Formally Azure Rights Management Premium (RMS) - (Q4/2016)
  • P2 – NEW! Includes all the functionality in Azure Info Protection P1 + automatic classification (Q4/2016)

Enterprise Mobility + Security - (Q4/2016)

  • E3 - Formerly Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). Includes Azure AD Premium P1, Intune, Azure Info Protection Premium P1, ATA
  • E5 – NEW! Includes  Azure AD Premium 2, Azure Info Protection Premium P2, Cloud App Security - (Q4/2016)

Secure Productive Enterprise

  • E3 - Formerly Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS). Includes Office365 E3, EM+S E3, Win 10 E3*
  • E5- NEW! Includes O365E5, EM+S E5, Win 10 E5*


•Online Professional and Online Premium - NEW! Both plans include Project client.

•Project Essentials - Formerly Project Lite

Note: Project Pro for O365 and Project Online are discontinued as a result of this change.

Windows Server 2016

  • Licensed by Core
  • Customers with active SA can continue to use Processor License Model up to the renewal.

NEW SA Benefit- Azure Hybrid use benefit available Q1CY16: Entitles customers licensed for windows server w/SA bring their on premise licenses to Azure, only paying the base compute rate*

NEW features:

  1. Server with Desktop Experience: (previously known as Server with a GUI) provides an ideal user experience for those who need to run an app that requires local UI or for Remote Desktop Services Host.
  2. Server Core: removes the client UI from the server, providing an installation that runs the majority of the roles and features on a lighter install.
  3. Nano Server: Provides an ideal lightweight operating system to run “cloud-native” applications based on containers and micro-services.  Nano Server requires Software Assurance given the service model follows CBB  that provides new features and functionality to support rapid development lifecycles.

SQL Server 2016

  • Launched and on volume licensing price lists June 2016
  • SA customers can begin downloading as of March 10th
  • Microsoft is removing the Business Intelligence Edition
  • Customers with SA coverage on SQL BI can upgrade to Enterprise
  • There is no price increase associated with the 2016 version
  • Top New Features of SQL 2016:
    1. Polybase, connects SQL databases to Hadoop and Azure Blob Storage
    2. Stretch Database, allows the customer to put the same database in both on-premises and the Azure Cloud, with a query optimizer that knows where to look for a given piece of data.
    3. Row-Level Security, allows the administrator to give people access to specific rows within a database, but not the whole database.
    4. Always Encrypted, encrypts information at rest and in transit, on-premises or in the Cloud, with one set of commands.
  • Licensing Changes from SQL 2014 to 2016:
    1. The Core Factor has been removed from the information in licensing meaning the .75 for AMD is no longer valid from the information we have at this time.
    2. SQL BI is no longer offered for 2016, but for clients with active SA they may renew these as SQL Enterprise Svr/CAL model. Clients with BI on their EA/SCE with locked in pricing may continue to purchase that sku through the end of their enrollment term.

Note- At this time, there is limited information regarding several changes mentioned above. Subsequent slides do however provide the information provided thus far.