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Think You Know Tablets? Think Again.

1 Jun 2016 by Susie Steckner

In our increasingly mobile world, you’re likely to see someone using a tablet wherever you go. The coffee shop hipster. The soccer mom. The student.

But what about the office manager, the field worker, the executive? Absolutely.

Small business is moving toward tablets and banking on their versatility, portability and performance to transform how works gets done.

The goal? Drive productivity, enhance customer service, increase employee satisfaction and boost the bottom line.

It’s easy to envision.

A retailer and customer scroll effortlessly through a product catalogue on the showroom floor. A design firm adapts project plans on-the-spot during an off-site client meeting. A hotel operator makes it easier for guests to quickly request services such as housekeeping or salon appointments. An engineer accesses the full power of CAD software while on the road.

The key with business-friendly tablets, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, is obvious. It’s all about form and function.

"The Surface Pro 4 sweet spot is, 'I want a tablet, but need a laptop," says Microsoft Director of Surface Cyril Belikoff.

Tablet takeover

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing the numbers of detachable tablets skyrocket, according to ananalysis by IDC. It found that shipments for detachable tablets reached an all-time high of 8.1 million devices in 2015. What’s more, detachable tablets more than doubled their shipments since the fourth quarter of last year.

And don’t expect the growth to slow down.

The firm predicts that detachable tablets will explode, taking over 30% of the tablet market in 2020 compared with 8% in 2015.

"Beyond the growing demand for detachable devices, we're also witnessing an increase in competition within this segment that will help drive design, innovation and a decline in average prices," says Tablets Research Director Jean Philippe Bouchard.


The right small business tablet makes all the difference. What should you consider?

Portability — This is the name of the game for work on the go. A tablet that pairs light-weight design with multiple modes and wireless options — think Microsoft’s Surface Book Core i5 — delivers everything you need.

Versatility — You want plenty of options to maximize meetings and encourage collaboration. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i5 allows you to move from laptop to tablet with a multi-position kickstand and keyboard. Note taking is simple with the Surface Pen. And wireless capabilities mean you’ll never be tied down.

Performance — Take your workstation with you all day long. Powered by Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i7 easily converts from a tablet into a powerful go-to laptop while running your desktop software. The battery lasts up to nine hours. Features like video conference in HD with the 5MP front-facing camera round out your mobile work experience.

Transforming work

The Surface Pro 4 has taken Ryan Spoering’s company to new heights. The firm, Lab Machinist Solutions, provides consulting, design and prototyping services for research labs.

Spoering is often on the road meeting with clients. He needs the flexibility to be away from his workshop but also the power to run the intensive CAD software program Solid Edge. With Surface and Solid Edge, Spoering can do CAD design from anywhere and also show clients in real time how their projects are moving along.

“Using Surface Pro 4 to work with my clients has completely changed the way that I work,” Spoering says. “It’s so powerful, and I love that I can use the full capabilities of Solid Edge. I love this thing. I’ve never used anything else that really has changed the way I work. It’s amazing.”

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with the versatility and power of Surface devices, and they’re available from Insight. As one of Microsoft’s leading global partners, we offer unmatched expertise in delivering and deploying Microsoft hardware, software and cloud solutions. Talk to a specialist to learn more.