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Software Advisor July 2014

11 Aug 2014 by Insight Editor


Introducing the Insight Hub -- for whitepapers, case studies, webinars and more!

We are pleased to introduce the Insight Hub, the new destination for Insight resources on the web. This new platform pulls Insight content from multiple channels and presents the information in a social/visual way so YOU can access information in an easy-to-use format.

Check it out! hub.insight.com


McAfee June Threat Report: Beware Even Familiar Apps

What do a firewall and a fortress have in common? Both are insufficient to guard the valuables they protect.

Like the walls of an old fortress, the cracks in many firewalls are allowing the bad guys to slip in, unannounced and unnoticed. By the time victims realize it, the damage is already done and the network is already compromised. Intellectual property is easily slipped out the backdoor, leaving no trace of forced entry. If we want to reign in these cybercriminals, it's high time we start thinking the way thieves think. If we don't, malware, rootkits, AETs and other nefarious threats will continue to undermine our business security.

The McAfee Labs June 2014 Threat Report, tells us what we're up against:

  • 469,000 unique malware samples are discovered weekly
  • 83% of organizations hit by Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Mobile malware grew by 30% in 2014, with 99% of them Android targeted
  • Root kit attacks continue growing
  • Subverting digital signatures is becoming more common
  • The fastest-growing non-mobile malware is Ransomware
  • Advanced evasion techniques use growing to get old/new malware through legacy defenses

The June 2014 McAfee Threat Report reveals mobile malware tactics that abuse the popularity, features and vulnerabilities of legitimate apps and services. It highlights the need for mobile app developers to be more vigilant about the security of their apps, and encourages users to be mindful when granting permission requests that criminals could exploit for profit.

One interesting finding of the report was that 79% of sampled clones of a certain popular Flappy Bird game contained malware. Using these clones, cybercriminals were able to make phone calls, install additional apps, extract contact lists, track geo locations, and establish root access for uninhibited control of devices -- all without permission from the user.

“We tend to trust the names we know on the Internet and risk compromising safety if it means gaining what we most desire,” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president for McAfee Labs. “The year 2014 has already given us ample evidence that mobile malware developers are playing on these inclinations, to manipulate the familiar, legitimate features in the mobile apps and services we recognize and trust. Developers must become more vigilant with the controls they build into these apps, and users must be more mindful of what permissions they grant.”

Infected BYOD devices may be able to jump to a protected network, steal passwords, track geo-locations, and gain mobile device root access. Is your business secure? Does your business have policies, procedures, and mobile security products already in place?

With more than 150 million mobile devices protected worldwide, McAfee offers the most robust, comprehensive mobile security solutions in the market today.  For more information on mobile solutions offered by McAfee, Part of Intel Security: click here

The Continuing Evolution of Office 365

Microsoft® Office 365™ continues to develop! Microsoft has just recently announced upcoming enhancements to Power BI for 0365:

  • The Microsoft Power BI team has announced that SSRS will be included as a “native component” within Power BI for O365 in the next Quarter. This will allow Power BI users to directly connect to On-Premise data sources.
  • SASS connectivity as a native component is also planned, but with no announced timeframe. This integration will allow connectivity with Power View in Excel/SharePoint.
  • iOS will see a native client for Power BI for O365 available in the next Quarter.
  • Data Visualization updates are coming for Power View, to allow users access to field lists to manipulate and see different exploratory views.
  • A new KPI Editor will be introduced, with the possibility of it displacing and replacing PerformancePoint for Dashboard creation.

Ready for Life After Windows Server 2003? Start Planning for July 2015

Microsoft has announced that Windows Server® 2003 Extended Support will ends one year from now, on July 14, 2015.

This means that only paid support will be available to clients who have not upgraded or set up custom support agreements with Microsoft or Microsoft partners.

Find complete information on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy here.

Microsoft Announces Updates to SQL 2014 Server Licenses

Microsoft has announced two key licensing-related updates for SQL Server® 2014.

The primary offerings for SQL Server 2014 are the same as for SQL Server 2012. But passive fail-over rights are now a benefit of Software Assurance (SA) rather than a feature of the underlying license. In addition, the SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) Edition is relaxing its multiplexing policy so that devices that access it through “batch process” will not require Client Access Licenses. Remember, you need Software Assurance to realize both of these benefits. A full description of the SQL 2014 changes are available here.

For detailed questions on SQL 2014, visit this great FAQ on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog.

Gartner Ranks Microsoft a Leader in Both IaaS & aPaaS

Last month, Gartner released its closely-watched Magic Quadrant report on cloud vendors. Gartner placed Microsoft in the Leader Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

Gartner defines cloud compute IaaS as a virtual data center of compute, storage and network resources delivered as a service. This recognition, along with Microsoft’s established placement as a leader in the enterprise Application Platform as a Service (aPAAS) Magic Quadrant, makes Microsoft the only public cloud vendor to be named a Leader for both aPaaS and IaaS.

The ranking stands as a testament to Microsoft’s efforts to remove the barriers to cloud adoption whether clients want to build with Infrastructure or Platform Services.

For more information of Microsoft’s IaaS and aPaaS offerings, as well as the Gartner rankings, visit:http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/06/05/microsoft-continues-global-expansion-of-cloud-services/


Using Azure Backup with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM):

With its System Center 2012 SP1 release, Microsoft presented a new feature that provided a solid online protection solution for companies’ production data.

Within the Windows Azure™ Management Portal, Microsoft created something called a “backup vault” that can easily be connected to both DPM servers but also the Windows Server® Backup (WSB) feature for Windows 2012 Server.

Using certificates and explicit passphrases, Microsoft can assure not just a great feature to reduce tape management for companies on a global scale, but also offers an additional layer of security.

For full details and step-by-step guidance, visit the following System Center Team Blog site:http://blogs.technet.com/b/systemcenter/archive/2014/03/16/using-azure-backup-with-dpm.aspx


Strengthen Your Protection -- AND Earn an Instant Rebate:

Earn up to $50 back on Dell SonicWALL TZ Appliances

Cybercriminals never rest – so make sure your security is vigilant.

Purchase a TZ appliance between now and August 1, 2014, and get an instant rebate* of up to $50 on each appliance.

The security of your network – and those of your clients – may have offered adequate protection until now. But, each new zero-day attack seems more sophisticated, targeting newly-discovered vulnerabilities in current systems.

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Don’t rely on yesterday’s security against tomorrow’s threats. Bolster your defenses today.  

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As of July 1, 2014 BizTalk 2013 R2 will be available for ISV and SPLA.

SKU samples:
Product For more information:
D75-02289 BztlkSvrStd 2013R2 ALNG Emb MVL 2Lic CoreLic
F52-02577 BztlkSvrEnt 2013R2 ALNG Emb MVL 2Lic CoreLic

Azure Products and Services

Given the continuous launch cycle of Azure services and our goal to bring you the most up-to-date information around releases, Azure content related to specific monthly adds, changes, or deletions to the VL price list will no longer be included in this guide. Instead, please use the following resources for up-to-date information on Azure:

  • Please visit Windows Azure for an overview of current Azure offerings. Also,

Please direct clients to the EA Portal for Azure services that are both generally available and those in preview


These services are no longer supported, as of July 1, 2014:

SKU samples:
SKU Number SKU Name
TRA-00076 ExchgOnlnPlan1 ShrdSvr ALNG Subs MVL GovOnly AddOn todvcExchStdCAL/CrCAL
TRA-00074 ExchgOnlnPlan1 ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL AddOn todvcExchStdCAL/CoreCAL


These services are no longer being supported as of July 1, 2014:

SKU samples:
SKU Number SKU Name
74H-00002 FrfrntOnlnPrtcnforExchg ALNG SubsVL MVL PerUsr
74H-00007 FrfrntOnlnPrtcnforExchg SNGL SubsVL MVL PerUsr
74H-00045 FrfrntOnlnPrtcnforExchg ALNG SubsVL MVL PerDvc
74H-00046 FrfrntOnlnPrtcnforExchg SNGL SubsVL MVL PerDvc


Retiring these skus is necessary for a broader strategy focused on minimizing friction for our clients and channel and creating simple onramp offers to the cloud.

SKU samples:
SKU Number SKU Name
R3Z-00003 ShrPntOnlnPlan1wYamOpn ShrdSvr SNGL SubsVL OLP NL Annual Qlfd
R3Z-00002 ShrPntOnlnPlan1wYamOpn ShrdSvr SNGL SubsVL OLV NL 1Mth AP
E5V-00006 ShrPntOnlnPlan1w/Yammer ShrdSvr ALNG SU MVL SharePntOnlnPln1 PerUsr
E5V-00005 ShrPntOnlnPlan1w/Yammer ShrdSvr ALNG SU MVL YammerEnt PerUsr


Re-release of O365 EA Add-Ons Sku Number Change

The release of the O365 Add-ons skus was required for equalizing compensation purposes. No changes to the pricing or product licensing rights have been made.

Old SKU Number SKU Name New SKU Number
T6A-00068 Off365PE1 ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL AddOn touserCoreCAL 6U6-00004
UT6-00064 Off365PE3 ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL AddOn todeviceECALw/OPP 6TN-00004
9OA-00064 Off365PE4 ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL AddOn todeviceCoreCALw/OPP 6T5-00002


​Power up with Power BI

The Power BI for Office 365 Add-on promotion is being extended through December 31, 2014. Microsoft will offer a 40% discount on a $33/user/month price in EA and 30% discount on a $40/user/month price in Open, Open Value, and Open Value Subscriptions. This offer will apply to the new agreement and will be available to clients when the product launches. Targeted client segments include new and existing clients who are committed on Microsoft technology and evaluating solutions for Business Intelligence projects, all segments of E3/E4 clients, and all Open, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription clients.

Offer: 40% discount on a $33/user/month price in EA and 30% discount on a $40/user/month price in Open, Open Value and Open Value Subscription
Eligibility: Must have E3/E4 (In EA, Direct and Syndication); All customers in Open, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription
Program(s): E6, ESU, USG, CC, SC, OLP, OLV, OVS
Geography: Worldwide (Offered in all markets that O365 is available in with the exception of Latin America as there is currently not an Azure Data Center to serve those markets)
Promo Dates: February 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014 
Sample SKU: 7YY-00008 SQLPwrBI ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL Promo PerUsr w/A3orA4