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Why SMBs Prefer Our Comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 Solution

17 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

As Microsoft’s largest license-solution provider worldwide, we’re excited to now provide a new, all-in-one offering for businesses to simplify the migration and management of Microsoft Office 365. By leaving the complex and cumbersome tasks that come with transitioning, deployment and governance to us, many Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are turning to this solution, as it helps increase efficiency and productivity in their company.

Seeking enhanced support, flexible billing and assistance with migrating from a variety of email clients, one SMB needed 75 seats for Office 365. Keep reading to learn why the company chose our comprehensive Office 365 solution.

Fast, U.S.-based support

“While a small business could go directly to Microsoft, as the pricing is — for the most part — equivalent, the support a company can get from Insight is quicker and easier,” says Jason Thalman, senior manager of product management at Insight.

Flexible billing options

Thalman says the ability to adjust the number of accounts — increasing or decreasing the number of seats based on real-time needs — was a deciding factor in the SMB’s choice to leverage Insight’s all-in-one Office 365 program. To simplify even more, the SMB also receives a single bill for its cloud productivity needs.

Outsourced management for needed expertise

SMBs that have our premium package can leverage our admin-on-behalf service, outsourcing the management of Office 365 to us. This can free up valuable resources while still ensuring the administrator has the technical expertise required to solve problems. “You’re going to need someone who knows how to configure and set up users as well as group policies and other things of that nature,” Thalman says.

Simplified migrations

“Our ability to manage the migration was another reason why the company chose this program,” says Thalman. He explains that many SMBs are using Google Apps, and they have all of their email on Google’s servers and need to have it migrated. SMBs may not always have the technical resources to execute those transitions.

“We have a migration team that will do the work for you — from performing the assessments to planning — and we’re going to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on every step of the way,” says Thalman.

With more than 7 million Microsoft Cloud seats implemented, and greater than 5 million Exchange mailboxes transferred, you can trust us with the complicated and cumbersome processes of migrating, deploying and managing Office 365 to us. If you’re interested in learning more about our new
all-in-one offering, talk to an Insight specialist today.