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Accessing Your Team’s Health and Performance With Microsoft E5 Delve Analytics

17 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

You can’t improve what you don’t monitor and measure. Collaboration and employee engagement are important tenets of the modern workplace. However, it’s been difficult to comprehend how effective team collaboration is within an organization. Now, there’s Delve Analytics, a beneficial component of Microsoft’s E5 Suite for Office 365T.

There are three key ways to gain impactful insights into the performance of teams and your organization:

Real-time mapping of engagement

This innovative solution builds on Delve’s current features. “The personal version shows a dashboard of the documents you use and the people you communicate with,” explains Aaron Kleinschmidt, senior partner champion of Microsoft cloud at Insight. As part of the E5 Suite, Delve now offers additional custom insights that allow your organization to understand employee interactions.

Using a centralized dashboard, you can track, measure and assess frequently used documents and relevant team communications. Drilling down, you’ll be able to understand when and where team interaction occurs, allowing you to see how many meetings took place, emails were sent, Yammer conversations occurred and Skype chats transpired in relation to your team’s work together.

Assessing traffic and trending topics

“Delve Analytics allows you to gain a better understanding of internal and external traffic,” says Kleinschmidt. With this tool, you can also uncover trending topics and analyze the engagement that occurs around those subjects and themes.

Keeping a pulse on team wellness

“From an organizational analytics standpoint, it’s like a work-life balance tracker for teams, analyzing how they interact, and the level of internal and external traffic,” explains Kleinschmidt. Offering reminders — either to help reduce stress or to improve productivity — Delve Analytics helps ensure that employees have an appropriate work-life balance. Presenting managers and employees with a view of how often communication and meetings take place outside of business hours, companies can assess the health of their teams.

Additionally, in tracking performance, users can see how the team’s productivity compares to company averages.

If collaborative projects are often worked on within your organization, this is a critical tool that can be used to assess the health and performance of teams. Talk to a specialist to learn more about Microsoft E5 Suite’s Delve Analytics.