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Tale of Two Districts: Implementing Chromebooks for 1:1 Deployment

24 Jul 2014 by Insight Editor

Both large districts like Oakland Unified School District with over 80 schools and smaller districts like School District of Jenkintown with two schools are looking for ways to transition to a Chromebook environment.

How does a district make a decision to purchase Chromebooks?

Finding a solution

  • Oakland Unified District was looking for a way to improve student learning with a blended and personalized learning approach
  • School District of Jenkintown was looking for a cost efficient way to refresh their older hardware and eliminate the need for software licensing

Foundation for teaching and learning

  • Both districts were already using Google Apps for Education before they purchased Chromebooks, making it a an easy transition for teachers and students to switch over


  • Oakland Unified School District found that by training an IT Teacher Leader at every school and giving them a stipend to help with the roll out, giving IT department more time to address other issues
  • In School District of Jenkintown, teachers still use Macbooks but since Google Apps is cloud based,  they are able to work and connect with their students

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Panel discussion from Delivering a Scalable Learning Model with a Chrome Centric Deployment at ISTE 2014

Future Plans

  • Oakland Unified School District is a partner in the program called Get Connected! Oakland, which provides devices to libraries, community centers, and students’ homes to continue learning outside the classroom and to end the digital divide
  • School District of Jenkintown is looking to utilize new features like Google Classroom to help their teachers utilize Google Apps more with students, continuing to grow in a 1:1 environment

Implementing Chromebooks provide districts of every size with a good return on investment of both time and money. Students are able to work on their own device in the classroom, transforming how they connect, communicate and learn. The draw for districts initially is to save money, however the true power of Chromebooks lies in the hands of the students.


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