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Lead & Transform Movement Supports Technology Implementation Planning For Districts

24 Jul 2014 by Heather Breedlove

The ISTE Lead & Transform Movement is a way to support the planning and the tech-rich learning environments in today’s schools. “The ISTE Lead & Transform Movement is a place to work together and share,” said an ISTE representative. The goal is to establish a network of superintendents, CTOs, CIOs, school leaders, staff development leaders and other decision makers to support each other and learn from one another.

This resource came at the right time as many districts are struggling to make decisions surrounding technology. A representative from the Los Angeles school district spoke about their 1:1 iPad roll out that made news earlier this school year due to student misuse of iPad at home. Their “big and ambitious” plan taught them some valuable lessons. “We spent so much time on deployment and very little on everything else- preparing students with digital citizenship skills or professional development for teachers on how to use the iPad.” The district regrouped and tried again though, meeting their goal of giving equity and access to low income students.

During the question and answer portion of the session, educators and leaders were asked to share how their districts were handling the different challenges. One district was able to give teachers laptops two years prior before students were given one to use in their 1:1 program. While this is ideal, many districts do not have this luxury, due to budget constraints or unforeseen circumstances.

One Midwest district was implementing BYOD in under year due to a tornado causing large scale damage to resources. They were rolling out to the high school first, since high schoolers were already using their devices and trying to hide it. Then they look into phasing it into elementary schools later in the year. Current network connection and cell phone policies were being revised. They were hoping to glean some strategies to give teachers an abbreviated training to the new change this school year.

Another challenge of program implementation was finding curriculum that was designed for the 1:1 environment. The same district with the slow laptop rollout, observed that was “pointless to go 1:1 unless you have the curriculum to take advantage of that and teachers are wrapping their minds around how to design curriculum to meet that need. To do that, you need an LMS, it’s like a crucial building block to 1:1 environment.”

Districts were struggling with how to move teachers along faster to embrace the technology changes. Manor Independent School District in Manor, Texas, uses a mix of teacher leaders, IT staff, and student tech leaders. They used a program called GenYes, which helped train students to be tech leaders for their schools. They felt that teachers were more open to students teaching them rather than another adult “telling them how to do their job.”

To solve these issues and help districts connect with each other, ISTE developed the ISTE Lead & Transform Movement. The resource portal is a place filled with resources to help districts make informed decisions and create technology implementation plans that are successful for learning.

Lead & Transform Movement

A place for districts to share and connect with other districts. ISTE is looking for schools to join the movement and provide feedback for the tools they have developed.

Planning, Implementation, Reflection and Refinement

Books, websites, articles, and webinar resources that help districts for every stage of technology planning.

Diagnostic Tool

Great tool to start with, this self diagnostic test helps create awareness of where districts are in technology integration and where they fall within the 14 Essential Conditions. Districts receive immediate feedback of strengths and weaknesses.

14 Essential Conditions

Provides the framework for implementing an effective transition plan.

ISTE 14 Essential Conditions

  • Shared Vision
  • Empowered Leaders
  • Implementation Planning
  • Consistent and Adequate Funding
  • Equitable Access
  • Skilled Personnel
  • Ongoing Professional Learning
  • Technical Support
  • Curriculum Framework
  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Engaged Communities
  • Support Policies
  • Supportive External Context

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