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5 Reasons Lab Services Make All the Difference

10 Dec 2015 by Desiree Samson

Today you can buy furniture in pieces, log cabins in a box and an assortment of toys that all read “some assembly required.” For those who like to tinker and build, this may be a dream come true — but what about when it comes to technology upgrades and refreshes in a business environment?

Your business may close when the sun goes down or shut its doors for a holiday — but with the omnichannel world we live in, and customers making purchasing decisions both on the sales floor and from an assortment of devices from a variety of locations — a business never stops, well, doing business.

This is where lab services make all the difference. When you want to swap out your equipment or outfit your office or sales floor with the latest technology, you don’t have the luxury of time. When you choose to not simply order hardware — but have it configured, staged and ready to go — you keep your business running, you keep your lights on and you keep revenue coming in. And while we would like to say it is “business as usual” it won’t be — because your customers and employees will notice the difference.

Here are just 5 reasons you should choose lab services with Insight:

1) Standardized procurement & device deployment process

There are defined equipment bundles & automated approval paths driven by an online web portal to make the process seamless. 

2) Customization of devices to the end user level

You reduce or eliminate onsite setup/installation time with the customization options available.

3) Reduced order-to-desktop time

You have the option of next business day delivery of configured devices available to you.

4) Flexible & scalable

Whether you are purchasing a single unit order, monthly run rate deployments or a scheduled refresh of your entire environment — Insight’s facility is built to drive processing efficiencies that support your business.

5) Centralized staging & configuration for multi-vendor deployments

Your equipment may come from various manufacturers, but your solution should come from a single source.

Insight is here to help you with solutions that go beyond IT. It’s not about simply helping you run your business, but helping you run your business smarter — going beyond simply purchasing technology, to implementing it. Your business has challenges and we are here to help you with the solutions. You can simplify your entire procurement process by letting Insight help keep you informed and help you manage your IT lifecycle — allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. Find out how Insight’s lab services can make all the difference.