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Office 365 E5: 4 Business Benefits of Equivio Analytics

1 Dec 2015 by Jessica Hall

Easy-to-use, real-time data monitoring. Interactive reports. Efficient dashboards and helpful data visualizations. The analytics features of Microsoft’s new Office 365 plan — E5, which replaces E4 — bring new value to business customers everywhere.

First, let’s analyze how these fresh business benefits came about.

In a January 2015 blog post, Rajesh Jha, corporate VP, Outlook and Office 365, announced Microsoft’s acquisition of Equivio, provider of machine learning-powered compliance solutions. “We are making this acquisition to help our customers tackle the legal and compliance challenges inherent in managing large quantities of email and documents,” Jha wrote.

Nearly a year later, Microsoft is introducing the E5 plan, which, according to Microsoft, “will encompass the core value of the modern productivity and collaboration capabilities Office 365 provides today, as well as significant new capabilities including Skype for Business services for real-time communication such as Cloud PBX and PSTN Conferencing, new analytics features like Power BI Pro and Delve Organizational Analytics, and new advanced security features such as eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Safe Attachments.”

In this article, we’re covering the four key benefits of Equivio analytics.

Augmented analytics

For one, eDiscovery searches are more efficient and faster with Equivio Zoom. When documents or emails are similar in content, advanced near-duplicate detection analytics will return the most relevant result. Aaron Kleinschmidt, senior partner champion of Microsoft cloud at Insight, says it also offers email thread analysis, streamlining evaluation with detection analytics.

“Equivio is designed to get rid of superfluous information or redundant content, as well as expand on the relevancy of search results,” Kleinschmidt says. “If it’s close to a search term, it'll branch out in the capacity of predictive coding technology. It will take the relevancy probability of the search term and expand it to capture additional documents that might not have otherwise returned in a search.”

Plotting data points

Kleinschmidt says the solution helps companies better organize unstructured data. “On the reporting side, Equivio provides data point categorization with Themes and within the search results,” he explains.

Superior security

Providing increased control over data and those who have access to it, Customer Lockbox is an exclusive Microsoft E5 offer. “Microsoft requires explicit permission from the client to grant users access to a specific segment of data for a particular purpose,” says Kleinschmidt. “All of these activities are tracked, and access controls can be reviewed.”

Microsoft E5 also provides defenses against viruses and malware, coupled with real-time safeguarding against malicious URLs. “E5 provides an additional sandbox to check for unknown threats on incoming emails,” Kleinschmidt says. “As a system, it runs through thousands of code pieces to check against potential risks.”

Modernizing mandates

Combining these capabilities, Microsoft E5 also improves compliance and legal searches with Equivio Analytics for eDiscovery, ultimately helping your company reduce eDiscovery costs.

If you’re ready to outfit your workplace with a modern, simplified solution to address your document analytics needs, talk to a specialist to learn more about Microsoft E5 Equivio Analytics.