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15 Tech Tools Marketers Can't Live Without

17 Nov 2015 by Teresa Meek

Today’s marketers wouldn’t get far without technology that tells them about their customers and automates tasks. Some work with specialized marketing companies using proprietary tools, while others do it themselves, choosing from a growing variety of apps.

In a post this summer, Insight Vice President of Marketing Amy Protexter shared that by 2017 Chief Marketing Officers will spend more on technology than Chief Information Officers (CIOs) do, according to Gartner Analyst Laura McLellan.

While there are many marketing technologies out there, there are a few tools today’s marketers couldn’t live without — from targeting and automating marketing, to adding simple graphics and staying up to date with the latest in the industry.

In Technically, the new digital magazine powered by Insight, the column, “Tech Tools on the Job,” shares 15 tech tools marketers can’t live without, including how companies are using them to help their businesses run smarter.

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