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Microsoft Dynamics: 3 Government Agencies Depend On It

5 Nov 2015 by Jessica Hall

Microsoft Dynamics can help your government agency become more responsive by creating beneficial efficiencies in critical processes. The solution delivers the rapid deploy of off-the-shelf software but also facilitates the customizable options of in-house development. Here are three agencies that are using Dynamics to perform key tasks in a manner that’s better, faster and cheaper.

Minimizing risk in law enforcement

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) wanted to do its best to protect and serve — which meant reducing risk in the field for both citizens and officers. Its paper-based process management approach lacked the sophistication to collect and analyze data for minimizing or mitigating threats. With one unified data source, the department chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its flexibility, allowing OCSD to start small and expand over time.

“Now that we’ve laid the framework with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s very easy to roll out new components. We are constantly being asked to make more applications because we are able to do it so quickly compared to traditional development,” says Dave Jamriska, administration manager for OCSD. The department can also answer questions faster and more accurately with fluid access to all data.

Quick launch to support new strategy

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) recently launched a person-centered approach to service delivery, and it required that its software solutions support the change. The DODD IT team had historically built its own solutions, but this time they chose Microsoft Dynamics.

“It would have taken three to five years to develop this solution from the ground up. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, development took only eight months,” explains Venu Edupuganti, senior IT support manager and chief architect. Quick implementation wasn’t the only draw; with all critical components in one solution, the department now has a more comprehensive view and can easily assign and track responsibilities.

Saving money with off-the-shelf software

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General faced a common problem: Keeping up with software needs had become exceedingly time-consuming and costly. Building solutions in-house took too long, contracting the work outside of the agency quickly became too expensive and making changes to custom software was often cost-prohibitive. When the office adopted the xRM platform that underpins Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they were able to not only keep up, but also introduce enhancements that better served their constituents.

“In two weeks, our intern produced for free what a skilled developer needed three months and more than $50,000 to develop,” says Tron Keefer, business integration group manager. “On average, we’re able to develop applications at least four times faster than traditional methods.” Also, with the familiar interface, users promptly adapted to the new solution and started using the intuitive functionality right away.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just for improving productivity and efficiencies within the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. It is a framework and platform that allows organizations to manage multiple types of data and improve their internal efficiencies in multiple areas of their operations,” says Kim Kosar, technical solution executive at Insight.

Microsoft Dynamics is creating efficiencies and reducing expenditures for many government agencies. If you have questions about how your agency can take advantage of this powerful solution, talk to an Insight specialist today.