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Microsoft Azure Helps Manage Data Growth for 3 Enterprises

4 Nov 2015 by Jessica Hall

Managing big data is a challenge most businesses are facing today, and few are ready to confront that dilemma. Microsoft Azure not only provides solutions to these problems, but it also delivers data faster, more economically and with greater flexibility.

Faster data delivery

Built to handle any amount of data, Microsoft Azure is suited for big data mining and analytics. In 2013, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) at Microsoft used Azure HDInsight for big data analysis and Power Business Intelligence (BI) for data visualization and insights, enabling the unit to quickly track product activations of known stolen keys in Des Moines, Iowa.

DCU investigators were able to associate the IP address in Des Moines, which strangely activated 2,800 copies to only four computers, with the location of the suspect. This information allowed law enforcement to obtain warrants for the online seller and put an end to the illegal operation.

"At a different moment in time, we wouldn’t have had these tools — and we wouldn’t have gotten our answers, certainly not as quickly and easily as we did," says Donal Keating, cyberforensics senior manager at DCU.

More cost-effective solution

By working in the Microsoft cloud, Victor Canseco, managing director for software and services at Delphi Automotive, says that the company can more effectively manage its own products throughout the entire lifecycle. “With Microsoft taking care of maintaining the infrastructure, we can focus on creating great connected-car features and offering exceptional support for customers everywhere,” he says.

Delphi used Microsoft Azure to develop its vehicle telematics product, Delphi Connect. With the right tools, software and infrastructure in place, the company instantly gained vast amounts of resources, avoided building more data centers and saved an estimated 30% of its development costs.

Starting with only 100,000 devices, Delphi Connect quickly grew to millions within a few years. Using Azure’s scalable data centers, this growth didn't hinder Delphi Connect in becoming a leading after-market telematics product. By the end of the year, 5 million units are expected to be in the market.

More flexible environment

Supporting a wide selection of the most common operating systems, programming languages, tools, databases and devices, Azure can readily integrate with many IT environments, including an existing data center.

Rockwell Automation, which exceeded its own data center capacity a couple of years ago, sought Azure technologies to provide:

  • Azure HDInsight for massive data management and analysis
  • Azure Machine Learning for predictive analytics
  • Azure Data Factory for complex data interactions
  • Azure SQL Database for large data workloads

“We plan to deploy Microsoft Azure technologies across all of our monitoring applications, because they enable us to orchestrate data more effectively across increasingly complex environments,” says John Dyck, director of software business development at Rockwell Automation. "These technologies mitigate that complexity.”

In choosing Microsoft Azure, these three enterprise companies have been able to scale quickly, save money and increase efficiencies. Talk to a specialist today to learn how you can migrate to Azure