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3 Enterprises Delight Customers With Microsoft Dynamics

27 Oct 2015 by Jessica Hall

Today’s consumers have high expectations that can only be met by understanding their needs and responding quickly to changing customer behaviors. Microsoft Dynamics helps the customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities stay agile while maintaining security and managing costs. Plus, it easily integrates with other Microsoft solutions like SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook.

Here are three companies who are delighting their customers with Microsoft Dynamics.

Delta empowers employees.

Every Delta flight attendant carries a Nokia device with Microsoft Dynamics to offer better service to customers. In this video, Joanne Smith, senior vice president of in-flight services, explains how credit card processing through Microsoft Dynamics ensures they have accurate information — even at 35,000 feet. Flight attendants also manage on-flight inventory in real time and access up-to-date flight information for customers with other connections.

Looking forward, Delta plans to gather customer preferences ahead of their travel to further personalize the on-board experience. Not only are customers benefiting every day, but Delta employees also feel a sense of pride in being able to quickly meet their customers’ needs.

Ashley Furniture plans to reduce checkout time by over 75%.

Ashley Furniture has big plans to transform the customer’s shopping experience through the use of Microsoft Dynamics. The company expects to reduce a 30- to 45-minute checkout time to five to six minutes with a mobile point-of-sale solution. In fact, Ashley Furniture predicts this CRM tool will support its goals and objectives over the next 10 years.

“Today we’re a $4 billion company. We want to be a $10 billion company,” says Robert White, executive vice president and CIO of Ashley Furniture. “We couldn’t do that with any other system we looked at. We can with Microsoft Dynamics.”

Kennametal meets rapid growth with powerful digital tools.

In recent years, Kennametal has grown into a large and diverse corporation with new business risks and scalability challenges. The leading global supplier and converter of ultra-pure, premium-quality custom metal alloys and metal-alloy powders is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to bridge the gap between operations and sales.  

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM both provides a 360-degree view of your customers, and the visibility for internal company-wide data and tasks,” says Kim Kosar, technical solution executive of Insight.

Patrick Theimer, director of marketing technology for Kennametal, refers to this solution as the glue that allows them “to develop a better go-to-market strategy between sales and marketing,” and that it ultimately allows a salesperson to be more prepared when meeting with customers. The CRM tool frees up non-value-added time for the sales team, allowing them to focus on their core duties.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can better serve and engage your customers with Microsoft Dynamics, contact an Insight specialist at 1.800.INSIGHT