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Office 365: 3 Government Agencies’ Use Cases

21 Oct 2015 by Jessica Hall

Government agencies around the nation are using Microsoft Office 365 to instantly collaborate, create efficiencies, seamlessly connect and reduce costs. Often faced with shrinking budgets and limited resources, these agencies are able to adhere to today’s need to do more with less. Discover how Fairfax County, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leverage these cloud-based tools.

Countywide chats and teamwork in Fairfax

Sending a quick question via IM, sharing files with ease or conducting a face-to-face check-in without leaving your desk, Skype for Business has clear benefits. Going beyond the obvious, the government employees in Fairfax County, Virginia. use this same tool to conduct training sessions across the county’s 407-square-mile spread.

“They love how presenters can upload and share their PowerPoint presentations and still stay connected through their intranet,” explains Aaron Udler, president of OfficePro, Inc., which operates as a government contractor for Fairfax County.

Paperless tracking in government publishing

Like most agencies, GPO is using Skype for Business and SharePoint, but they’re able to achieve efficiency and oversight with OneNote. With this cloud-based tool, the agency is able to track what everyone is working on in one central location. “With the proper training from our company, the agency’s managers are now able to ensure employees stay productive and on track,” says Udler.

Feeding the need to collaborate

Offering instant collaboration, the FDA uses SharePoint to edit documents, even if the team working on the file is dispersed around the country. “They may have somebody on the East Coast and another person on the West Coast, and yet another colleague in the same office editing the same document — with changes seen live,” Udler explains.

With so many options, it’s easy for government agencies to mold Office 365 and its offerings to fit their needs. Talk to a specialist to learn how this suite of cloud-based software will address your specific processes, goals and constraints.