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Dell's Acquisition of EMC is a Big Deal — Literally

15 Oct 2015 by Insight Blog

If you frequent any tech sites or were on Twitter this week, you no doubt saw the headline story of Dell acquiring EMC — it's being called the biggest tech deal, ever, with its $67 billion price tag.

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Dell-EMC deal sets high mark for tech industry http://t.co/Mc6XD7g16N http://t.co/TwsMTICzpb · Wall Street Journal
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Last week, rumors started circulating about the merger while the two tech titans were said to be in talks with one another.
EMC shares are jumping after a report of merger interest from Dell http://t.co/suDx1OwMlc $EMC http://t.co/Db0E7s0lyY · MarketWatch
This announcement is exciting news for Dell, as it further positions them to address the current and future IT needs of their clients. With startups increasingly entering the IT scene and changes in how digital data is stored, Dell made a strategic move to acquire EMC — after all EMC is one of the largest storage companies worldwide.
Michael Dell and Joe Tucci appear together today at EMC http://t.co/TamQtFWMsb IMPORTANT INFO: http://t.co/ikE6Pdll1y http://t.co/SarHiztyXK · EMC Corporation
We caught up with Insight's Director of Strategic Alliance for Dell, Chris Kelleher, to discuss what this acquisition means for businesses looking to evolve their data centers. He said, “The IT landscape is rapidly evolving to more hyper-converged solutions, and the combination of these two great technology companies will provide further leadership in the fastest-growing areas of the IT industry.With this combination of expertise, Dell has positioned itself to lead the way, be more agile and to meet the demands of these evolving businesses.”
Dell's buying EMC for $67 billion in the biggest tech deal ever http://t.co/oMn83rB44n http://t.co/gPDFART2Rv · Engadget
The public mostly retweeted articles from around the Web, highlighting certain aspects of the deal:
The industry has been watching Dell over the last couple of years as they positioned themselves for this big move.
Why the world's biggest tech merger could give Michael Dell an encore http://t.co/uFXcQp6y5e http://t.co/UxtvvVmGyW · Bloomberg Business
Questions are emerging about what exactly this merger will look like, what it means for similar companies and why this decision was made — as Tweets and articles continue to hit the Internet. One thing is certain, their clients now have increasing options before them.